GUBKIN-INNOVATION was among the nominees of the National Award in the field of environmental technologies "ECOTECH-LEADER 2021"

December 2021, Petrozavodsk.

In the fourth quarter of 2021, the results of the final stage of the National Environmental Technology Award "ECOTECH-LEADER 2021" were summed up in Moscow. GUBKIN-INNOVATION was among the nominees in the field of municipal solid waste recycling.

At the competition, the company presented an innovative solution – a series of hydrogen inverters for environmentally friendly disposal of all types of waste. Stationary and mobile installations developed on the basis of own technology GUBKIN-INNOVATION, allow to dispose from 30 to 6000 kg / raw materials per hour. Garbage disposal takes place in the enclosed space of the inverter under the action of a plasma chemical reaction and does not create dangerous emissions into the environment.

Evgeny Pichugin, General Director of GUBKIN-INNOVATION:

"We are pleased that the company's developments have earned the attention of the organizing committee of the award. We are convinced that the use of hydrogen inverters GUBKIN-INNOVATION radically changes the approach to the disposal of MSW. Our installations make the process of garbage disposal safe for the environment and create opportunities for obtaining "energy from waste". The system for collecting dissipating heat energy, which is generated during waste disposal, is responsible for this functionality in the equipment. The resulting energy can be directed, for example, to heating the premises, abandoning the use of electricity, natural resources and petrochemicals."

ECOTECH-LEADER 2021 is a national award in the field of environmental solutions, which is awarded for the successful development, implementation and promotion of effective technologies for ecology and nature management. Within the framework of the competition, companies will present projects aimed at technological modernization of production and its environmental safety, rational use of natural resources, development of environmental protection programs and minimization of environmental pollution.