GUBKIN-INNOVATION company conducted a test immersion of medical raw materials in a model environment

January 2022, Petrozavodsk.

At the end of 2021, during a meeting with the equipment customer, GUBKIN-INNOVATION conducted a test disposal of biomedical waste.

The HI-006 hydrogen inverter installed at the company's research site in the city of Petrozavodsk became the environment for model testing of medical raw materials. Before test disposal, the company's specialists introduced customers to the external and internal structure of the hydrogen inverter, demonstrated the loading of waste and monitored the operation of the equipment during their destruction.

So, new medical syringes and needles, medical solutions in glass vials and plastic ampoules, ointments, tablets in paper, plastic and foil blisters and dressings were loaded into the inverter.

Hydrogen inverters from GUBKIN-INNOVATION make it possible to dispose of class A, B, C and D* solid and liquid waste generated in medical institutions during the treatment process and patient care without harm to the environment. Waste destruction occurs under the action of a plasma-chemical reaction at temperatures up to 5000 °C. One of the key elements in the recycling process is hydrogen. During waste disposal, as a strong reducing agent, it destroys microorganisms, solids and liquids and does not create products that are harmful to the environment. The ash residue, not exceeding 2% of the raw material load volume, is not removed from the inverter and participates in the destruction of the following waste loads.

Evgeny Pichugin, General Director of GUBKIN-INNOVATION:

“Mobile installations for biomedical waste disposal with a processing volume of 30 kg/h can be installed in public and commercial medical institutions. Equipment without pre-sorting allows you to destroy all medical waste, including infectious and pathological waste, sharps, chemicals and pharmaceuticals. Based on the results of the studies carried out for a series of equipment, declarations, certificates and conclusions were obtained that are valid on the territory of the Russian Federation and the Eurasian Economic Union.”

You can find out more about mobile biomedical waste disposal units on the company's website and by e-mail
* According to GOST 53691-2009 (Russia).