The company GUBKIN-INNOVATION met with students of the Quantorium Sampo

April 2022, Petrozavodsk

On April 13, the GUBKIN-INNOVATION company and the children's technopark Quantorium Sampo held a round table on the topic "Obtaining energy from waste".

At the meeting, representatives of the company discussed with schoolchildren and teachers of quantum waste disposal methods and talked about the products that are obtained as a result of recycling waste. So, the audience learned about railway sleepers, furniture and playground coverings made of recycled plastic, clothes and shoes that are made from polyethylene and old things, about paper obtained from waste paper and fertilizers - from organic matter.

In addition, the experts elaborated on the disposal of medical waste and explained why biomedical garbage cannot be thrown into general garbage collectors, but must be specially disposed of.

The presentation of GUBKIN-INNOVATION installations for the ecological disposal of medical, household and industrial waste deserved special attention at the meeting. Using the example of photo and video shooting, the speakers demonstrated the functionality of the complexes to the children and explained the principles underlying their work. During the discussion, they emphasized the unique technological capabilities of the plants, which make it possible to obtain hydrogen, electric and thermal energy in the process of waste disposal.

Ksenia Sazonova, head of the children's technopark Quantorium Sampo:
"The importance of environmental cleanliness in the world is an integral part in the education of Quantorium students. At the meeting with GUBKIN-INNOVATION, the children were interested and unexpectedly found out that a unique production of equipment for garbage disposal operates in the Republic of Karelia. During the dialogue with the company's representatives, we outlined ideas for cooperation. We hope that our students, mentored by the company's specialists, will suggest useful technical solutions for this area and contribute to the environmental movement."

Ekaterina Kruglova, Public Relations specialist at GUBKIN-INNOVATION:
"We are pleased that the topic of obtaining energy from waste has earned such close attention from the children's audience. The students shared their scientific knowledge and personal practice in the field of waste sorting and disposal. After the meeting, the quantums expressed their readiness to automate the proposed production processes or develop a project using virtual reality technology as a training task."

At the end of the meeting, representatives of the company presented corporate gifts to the active participants of the meeting – stationery sets made as a result of recycling garbage.