GUBKIN-INNOVATION and the "Agency for Strategic and Economic Development" of the Republic of Belarus agreed on partnership

December 2021, Petrozavodsk.

In the IV quarter of 2021, a cooperation agreement was signed by Evgeny Pichugin, General Director of GUBKIN-INNOVATION, and Alexander Kondrashonok, Deputy Director of the Agency for Strategic and Economic Development *.

The parties expressed their intention to cooperate in the field of consulting work, business planning and implementation of GUBKIN-INNOVATION projects for waste disposal in the territory of the Republic of Belarus.

The high competence of the company in the manufacture of equipment for environmentally friendly disposal of all types of waste will allow the introduction of high-tech solutions in the waste disposal process. So, GUBKIN-INNOVATION is ready to apply new technical capabilities at the enterprises of the partner state to carry out thermal generation in the process of waste destruction.

In addition, GUBKIN-INNOVATION gets new opportunities to expand cooperation with business representatives, industrial and financial organizations and government agencies in the Republic of Belarus. The company can participate in working meetings, conferences, seminars and round tables on environmental issues, organized by the Agency for Strategic and Economic Development.

Evgeny Pichugin, General Director of GUBKIN-INNOVATION:

“Our partners from the Republic of Belarus are interested in the implementation of high-tech projects for the safe disposal of waste. So, in the country there are programs aimed at collecting, processing and disposal of household and industrial waste, and, in particular, persistent organic pollution - pesticides. We are convinced that cooperation between our parties will help to comprehensively solve the problem of waste disposal. The equipment of GUBKIN-INNOVATION does not require preliminary sorting of waste, does not generate hazardous emissions during disposal, and at the output it generates energy that can be directed to the needs of housing and communal services.

* Agency for Strategic and Economic Development (ASER) is an investment and consulting company that provides a full range of services in the field of business planning, fundraising, research and analytics in the Republic of Belarus.