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Hydrogen inverters for ecological waste disposal

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The international and innovative enterprise Gubkin Innovation is the owner of a technology for clean and ecological waste disposal, and is the manufacturer of a line of unique and advanced ecological equipment for solving the global waste problem.

Hydrogen inverters from Gubkin Innovation are able to change fundamentally and world wide the paradigma of waste disposal. Thanks to our hydrogen inverters and a power plant based on their technology the world's garbage and waste becomes a clean resource for energy production, without harm to the environment.
We are confident that our hydrogen inverters will replace all traditional methods of recycling and disposal of waste
The essence of the new method is to incinerate waste in a confined space without access to atmospheric air. Water acts as an oxidizing agent. This method was tested on designed and manufactured (in the period from 2007 to 2018) installations of different volumes of the utilization chamber (0.2 m³, 1 m³, 2 m³, 5 m³, 8 m³, 15 m³, 50 m³).

Due to the creation of a rotating vapor-gas flow in the volume with a high degree of dustiness, corona discharges with a temperature of more than 3000 degrees appear on the surfaces of each dust microparticle. At the same time, destruction at the atomic level of everything that falls into the discharge zone is ensured, and an electromagnetic field arises around the body of the installation several times higher than the strength of the Earth's magnetic field.
In the chamber, local zones with high temperatures are created without the use of external energy sources, which ensures environmentally friendly utilization of carbon-containing raw materials of any morphological composition and humidity.

The technology allows for environmentally friendly disposal of almost any type of waste, with the production of thermal energy and a combustible steam-gas mixture (generator gas, oxygen and water vapor).
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