GUBKIN-INNOVATION opens for science
The creator of the series of Hydrogen Inverters is Vladimir Maslennikov, who has been engaged in scientific work for more than 15 years to create equipment for waste disposal:

2005 - under the leadership of Mr. Maslennikov, a group of scientists and design engineers was formed, who began to carry out research and development work to create the first reactor for waste disposal.

2008 to 2019 - the initiative group has developed and manufactured a size range of design samples, with a processing volume of 6000 kg/hour etc. The results of complex experimental laboratory studies have confirmed the effectiveness of the plasma-chemical reactor in Destructor for industrial and environmentally friendly waste disposal.

2016 - on the basis of the Russian State University of Oil and Gas named after N.I. Gubkin, the Small Innovative Enterprise of the State Institution GUBKIN-INNOVATION was registered, which became private in the course of its work.
December 2020 - in the process of finalizing the equipment, technical malfunctions and dangerous temperature conditions were eliminated. After the reactors work was changed and the final results were obtained, the product changed its name from «Destructor» to «Hydrogen Inverter».

January 2021 - a research base (R&D office) was created in Petrozavodsk (Republic of Karelia, Russia), a research site operating 24/7 was launched, production of Hydrogen Inverters for environmentally friendly waste disposal was created and launched.

January 2021 - a joint venture between FBA MENA FZC (Financial and Business Association for Eurasian Cooperation) and Gubkin Innovations was registered in the city of Sharjah (United Arab Emirates) on the basis of the Research, Technological and Innovation Technopark Sharjah.
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