The principle of technology is based on a plasma-chemical reaction occurring in a closed space, by transforming a mass of waste into energy, which can be used for housing and communal tasks in terms of solving the problems of heating, hot water supply, generating electricity, or transforming energy into cold.

Due to the creation in the volume of a rotating steam-gas flow with a high degree of dust content, corona discharges with a temperature of more than 3000 degrees occur on the surfaces of each dust microparticle. At the same time, the destruction at the atomic level of everything that enters the discharge zone is ensured, and an electromagnetic field arises around the body of the installation several times higher than the intensity of the Earth's magnetic field.

Local zones with high temperatures are created in the chamber without the use of external energy sources, which ensures environmentally friendly utilization of carbonaceous raw materials of any morphological composition and humidity.

The method was tested on designed and manufactured (in the period from 2007 to 2018) installations of different volumes of the disposal chamber (0.06 m3; 2 m3; 8 m3; 50 m3; from 150 m3 and more).
The technology allows for environmentally friendly disposal of almost any type of waste, with the production of thermal energy and a combustible vapor-gas mixture (oxygen and water vapor).

The systematic implementation of the technology of efficient and harmless waste disposal without significant consumption of external energy sources will lead to a complete rejection of traditional methods of destruction and disposal of waste through pyrolysis and other thermal effects.